Halliburton Supplier Net
  • If you currently DO NOT transact business via HSN but would like to start doing so, please discuss this with your Halliburton buyer. They will need to submit the request on your behalf.
  • If you already transact doing business via HSN, you can log on to your account above.
    • If you cannot access your account or need a password reset, please send an e-mail to globalitsc@halliburton.com or call 1-866-425-1919 (USA and Canada) or 1-713-839-4357 (Outside USA and Canada). You will need to have your HSN LogonID.
    • If you already transact business via HSN and would like to add a new user or change existing access, please select the following hyperlink HSN Security Form and send the completed form to hsn@halliburton.com
  • For other HSN support, please e-mail hsn@halliburton.com Please try and include relevant details such as PO Numbers and, if possible, screen captures.

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